Friday, March 20, 2015

The three fairies are the true villains of the story. First they invoked Maleficent's wrath by not inviting her to the party, and then basically stole Sleeping Beauty from the King and Queen to raise as their own.  Plus the one is clearly Cinderella's godmother in disguise, like who's she fooling?  Pffft.

This post contains no Disney, very little weirdness

One of the recent projects I've been doing in my "free time" (LOL) has been reading through the trades of the Superman storyline New Krypton.  My local library had the first couple books in-house and the rest were available through inter-library loan, so I was like "Hey why not?"  Because it's twenty f**king books, that's why not.  Seriously, this is the longest storyline for a Big Two superdude I've ever seen.  But it's pretty good- a nice combination of Silver Age imagination with Dark Age grim-n-gritty-ness. I don't know where this all stands in continuity, especially with the New 52 mess, but they're all imaginary stories anyway so who cares.

If you're interested, the reading order is here.  I started with Superman: Brainiac, through New Krypton Books 1-3, Mon-El Books 1 and 2, Codename: Patriot, New Krypton 4, Justice League: Team History, Last Stand of New Krypton, War of the Supermen.  My library doesn't carry the Supergirl or Nightwing and Flamebird books but I can't say I missed them.

Anyway, if you are looking for super-guys punching things this is a pretty good series.

Oh hey, on the subject of comics that are not Disney-  did you guys know the Internet Archive has Heavy Metal magazine scans?

 Just a couple weeks til Uncle $crooge comes back!