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Hail to the King, baby

Yet another wacky Mickey Mouse toy from Medicom Japan.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Momma Mia!

Mickey Mouse as everyone's favorite Italian Stereotype/ plumber.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bring out the gimp

I don't know what the f**k this is about.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disney Weirdness Review: Darkwing Duck #1


I was a little too old to be a hardcore Darkwing Duck fan back when the show was new, but I enjoyed it whenever I caught an episode. This comic gets the tone of the cartoon just right, but with a slightly more "grownup" feel. When the story opens, Drake Mallard is working for a soulless megacorporation in a St. Canard that no longer has a need for superheroes (or supervillains). I am always a sucker for a "getting the band back together" story, and that's exactly what we've got here. Highlights of the issue include the daydream sequences, as Drake sits in his cubicle and fantasizes increasingly more outlandish superheroics, and Drake's interactions with his cubicle-mate, a former supervillain who used to tangle with Darkwing back in the day.

Generally speaking I like what Boom! has been doing with the Disney license. Wizards of Mickey, Ultraheroes, and Double Duck are all fine examples of quality kids' comics. As a thirty-something comic book fan I can appreciate the effort even as I recognize that the books aren't really geared towards readers like me. Darkwing Duck #1, on the other hand, is a truly All-Ages comic (like Boom's The Muppet Show, or the classic Barks Duck stories), a kid-friendly book that more mature (ha!) fans can appreciate on its own merits. Good stuff, well worth a look.

Welcome to my nightmare, part two

Horrific Ice Capades

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Mickey Mouse Ends Late Night Wars

EW. com says:
Two nights ago, Craig Ferguson put on a big white Mickey Mouse hand and started musing about how “if everyone wore a Mickey Mouse hand for one night” maybe it could “end the late night war madness.”

Them Bones

Donald and Nephews by Hyungkoo Lee.

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Not Richard But Dick

Hey, remember Dick Tracy? Remember how it starred Warren Beatty and Madonna and Al Pacino??
Remember how it was supposed to be the next Batman, only nobody cared???

Slate remembers too.

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Big Problems

Images from Carl Barks' Pipeline to Danger, 1959.

Tears of a Clown

Forgotten Disney character The Aracuan Bird ends it all.

Read all about this rare bird at 2719 Hyperion.

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"Happy" Father's Day

Written World has a piece on the role of Dads in Disney Princess movies.


Image from 2719 Hyperion.

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Financial Crisis

Possibly bootleg, definitely ugly Mickey Mouse bank.

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Pixar's Secret Weapon:

Seriously! Go look.

Hot Dog!

Awesome Cruella de Vil commission from Britt Wilson.

Via Super Punch

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Dude, that's like, epic.

Use Your Illusion

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, for Sega Genesis.

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A Spot Odyssey

From this i09 post, "Parody Posters for Shows and Movies We're Glad Don't Exist."

I disagree. I'd be camped outside the theater for weeks to see this one.

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Out of my Gourd

I swear this exists: Disney's first China-only movie, The Secret of the Magic Gourd.

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Crisis on Earth-13

Hannah Zatanna.

Pure as the driven Snow

The cover to another charmingly obscene tijuana bible.

Definitely Not Safe For Work, or for anywhere else, really.

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Rhymes with Duck

Cover to a "tijuana bible" starring Donald Duck.

From this (possibly NSFW) article from Shadowplay.

Read the entire (definitely NSFW) comic here.

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A Mouse Walks Into A Bar...

Mickey Mouse on the set of Cheers.
Via Ken Levine.

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Duck by Dawn

Happy Dead Duck Day, everyone.

Uncomfortable Characters in Disney Films

The Nine Most Racist Disney Characters, according to And here's a response.

(The Crows from Dumbo are surprisingly not numbers one through five.)

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Alice in Zombieland.

Via Superpunch

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The Cat With Two Heads

Two heads...of terror.

Pop Culture Chimera. Via Super Punch.

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Blood in the water

Mickey and Minnie beat the crap out of an old man and a manatee.

Art Appreciation

Sometimes with greats like Charles Schulz, Jack Kirby, or Carl Barks, you start to take them for granted and forget just how good they really were. Recently I reread the 1950 story "Big Top Bedlam" and was reminded just how awesome the Good Duck Artist really was.

These panels look like they could be stills from an animated cartoon. This segment would look just as fresh in any modern comic book, and that's just one of many awesome bits to this story. Check this out:


If you've never read this story then quit reading this blog and click the link. Its weirdness quotient is through the roof, but more importantly it's a great piece of work from a master cartoonist at the top of his game.