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Hail to the King

Disneyland comic convention program by Jack Kirby

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Out-Of-Context Panel Theater


 From "Halloween Huckster," by Marco Rota
Image swiped from Duck Comics Revue 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hearst

From Sekvenskonst, another Floyd Gottfredston watercolor:


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In which I praise old Duck Tales comics.

I recently acquired a stack of Gladstone Duck Tales comics from my local comic shop (which, btw, has the greatest 50-cent bin in the world; reading copies of Gladstones, Disneys, Dells, Harveys, Archies, you name it, can be yours for half a buck.  It's like Needful Things, but for comics.).   Let me tell you, these ancient Gladstones blow the recent Boom Duck Tales books out of the water.  Take a gander (ha!) at issue #11, an oversized Gladstone Giant:

Here's what you got for your $1.50 back in 1990-  one new William Van Horn story, two Gyro Gearloose one-pagers by Carl Barks, "Cave of Ali Baba" by Carl Barks, a  Jamie Diaz/ Frank Ridgeway/ Byron Erickson story, and an episode guide for the second season of the Duck Tales TV show.  All this content FOR ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS.  I know I'm not exactly breaking new ground here by suggesting that comics were better twenty years ago, but dammit, they were!  If someone tried to put out a comic like this today, it would cost thirteen dollars and would only be available for the Ipad.

 If you have kids who like Duck Tales (or just want some quality bathroom reading for yourself), I highly suggest scoping out the bargain bins at your local comic shop or comics convention, or hit up the Ebay.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sexual Dimorphism in Micronauts

Progress City, U.S.A. has a ton of abandoned and forgotten ride proposals for Disneyland, including a Black Cauldron flume, a Herbie the Love Bug ride, and this charmingly bizarre alien stage show:

Huge Hooters?  Sexual Dimorphism?  P.T. QUANTUM?   Awesome.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boola Boola Blues

Sekvenskonst found a folder of promotional materials for the Duck Tales TV show.  They sure did play up the Boola Boola setting, didn't they?  I don't even remember a Boola Boola island from Duck Tales, but apparently it was a hugely important part of the show. 

This behind-the-scenes stuff is like an antidote to nostalgia; When you realize that all the cartoons we loved as kids were a business just like anything else, it makes you less inclined to reminisce about the good ol days (Even though cartoons were sooo much better back then.  Remember Freakazoid?   That show ruled).

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Easy? Not!

Click here to play the Darkwing Duck Nintendo game.

Ad from Donald Duck Adventures #31, Disney Comics, 1992

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Psychobilly Freakout

So yesterday was apparently "Rock Around the Park," a day out at Disneyland for "the rockabilly and psychobilly subculture."  Sounds like fun.  

Goths have "Bats Day," rockabillies have this...when are surf fans going to get our s**t together??  I want a Disney day too!


Jim Hill Media has a great piece on Mickey and the Beanstalk, which references the Disney Strike of 1941.   If you're interested in the behind-the-scenes of Disney animation both articles are definitely worth your time.  Regardless of your thoughts on unions, it's a fascinating chapter in animation history.

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Nephew Swap

Why are Morty and Ferdie hanging out in Duckburg?   Find out in Comic Book Legends Revealed!

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Fun for the whole family!

Love these classic Mickey Mouse Magazine covers!

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How's that curse I cursed you with, Cursedy?

Jezebel investigates the so-called Disney Curse.  My question is, what about Lizzie McGuire?  She turned out just fine.

Interstellar Harddrive

Tron-esque video by the great Man or Astroman?

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Old School

These aren't the toys you're looking for.

Disney Star Wars Action Figures reviewed at Figures.com

This one's my favorite:

Check out the toupee on Donald:

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What's another word for Pirate treasure?

Finally, a movie for me!

Gummi Bears

Original: A family of mystical creatures lives in a tree and gains magical bouncing powers when they drink their special juice. With the help of a young page, they fight against an evil duke and his army of ogres.

Updates for Film: I really hate when movies blend animation with live-action like in The Chipmunks but there's really no way to get around this, is there? The remake shouldn't be so bright, cheery, and infantile as the original. Give it the Tim Burton treatment and make them sort of dark and grotesque. Play up the drug angle because all these bears are doing is living in the forest and dosing themselves with some strange brew all day.

Who Would See It: Goth stoners.

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