Monday, November 22, 2010

In which I praise old Duck Tales comics.

I recently acquired a stack of Gladstone Duck Tales comics from my local comic shop (which, btw, has the greatest 50-cent bin in the world; reading copies of Gladstones, Disneys, Dells, Harveys, Archies, you name it, can be yours for half a buck.  It's like Needful Things, but for comics.).   Let me tell you, these ancient Gladstones blow the recent Boom Duck Tales books out of the water.  Take a gander (ha!) at issue #11, an oversized Gladstone Giant:

Here's what you got for your $1.50 back in 1990-  one new William Van Horn story, two Gyro Gearloose one-pagers by Carl Barks, "Cave of Ali Baba" by Carl Barks, a  Jamie Diaz/ Frank Ridgeway/ Byron Erickson story, and an episode guide for the second season of the Duck Tales TV show.  All this content FOR ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS.  I know I'm not exactly breaking new ground here by suggesting that comics were better twenty years ago, but dammit, they were!  If someone tried to put out a comic like this today, it would cost thirteen dollars and would only be available for the Ipad.

 If you have kids who like Duck Tales (or just want some quality bathroom reading for yourself), I highly suggest scoping out the bargain bins at your local comic shop or comics convention, or hit up the Ebay.

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