Sunday, August 14, 2011

So, read any good comics lately?

So apparently while I was busy this summer, Boom put out a shitty Duck Tales comic.

I don't really have anything to contribute to this kerfuffle except to say that Boom put out some good Disney comics (Muppet Show, Darkwing Duck), some OK Disney comics (Ultraheroes, Wizards of Mickey), and some really awful Disney comics.  When it comes to comic books I tend to value novelty above all else, so Boom gets props for trying to shake things up with the license.  The Boom/ Disney experiment may be a failure, but at least it was never boring.  Whatever the future has in store for Disney comics, I hope Marvel has the good sense to try and reach out to kids and new readers, since the fan base for this material isn't getting any younger and will probably find plenty of things to complain about regardless.  And hey, it can't get any worse than this, right?

Kaboom, bitches!

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