Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hey is this thing on?

Hello out there in Bloggerland.  I'm still reading Disney comics (IDW and Fantagraphics collections and Ebayed Dell Comics mainly) but now I'm reading them to my two kids!  I'm probably the last person still using Tumblr  but I post there very infrequently these days.

 Ducktales, Gravity Falls, Freaky Friday and Disney's Zombies are very popular in my house these days; what are you guys watching?


  1. Oh thank god you're not dead.

    And I'll have you know there's a very active Disney fandom on Tumblr, which has grown greatly as of late (what with DuckTales 2017 introducing new people to the Duckburg crew), not to mention the ever-thriving Haunted Mansion fandom which I am a part of, which considering what this blog's thumbnail is, ought to be of interest to you. (My blog is mostly of kooky roleplaying as the Hatbox Ghost.)

    One particularly amazing Duck person on tumblr that you should know about, for example, is Sarah Jolley (, a professional British cartoonist who has made over a dozen of what she calls "duck doodle comics", which are amazingly professional-looking in writing yet, obviously, can get away with a lot more Weirdness than editors would allow. For instance, several further the Magica/Gladstone romance introduced in the McGreals' A Gal for Gladstone — wringing more out of it than they ever did, to be sure.

  2. I'm re-reading old Walt Disney's Comics and Stories... just rediscovered THE WUZZLES in issues 511-514 and discovered your blog in the process. Gladstone started with a bang with 511 (yeesh). I think there were more Wuzzles comics but only in foreign languages (I think an actual prose BOOK came with the toys themselves).