Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Bargain Bin Review: Critters #23


I recently stumbled upon a copy Critters #23 (Fantagraphics 1988) and it's an embarrassment of riches, one of the greatest funny-animal comics of all time.

Get a load of this murderer's row:

Freddy "Donald Duck" Milton!  Ty "Batman" Templeton! Mike "Captain Jack" Kazaleh! Sam "The Maxx" Keith!  Stan "Usagi Yojimbo" Sakai!  ALAN FUCKING MOORE!!!!

This comic's got everything.

Christmas Rapping

Tuba-playing Isz

Barksian Whimsy

The late great Kevin O'Neill

A true-ish rock n' roll story by The Original Writer

With accompanying record.

Gun-toting Sea Monkeys

Feline Kaiju

Wolves at the door

Whatever the hell these are.

And the main reason I started collecting Critters in the first place, the god-tier Fission Chicken by the man, the myth, the legend J.P. Morgan.  I frickin LOVE Fission Chicken. Ratty line funny animal superhero parody, it's basically everything I want in a comic.

Get this comic for like two bucks online, and then go and get yourself the rest of the run of Critters, one of the greatest anthologies ever made. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

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