Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mouse Smash

This picture was making the rounds throughout the comics blogosphere back in August, when the Disney/Marvel deal was first announced. This was drawn by Jack Kirby, the genius who basically invented the Marvel Universe (along with Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and others).

It was taken from a coffee table book from the early 90's, where different artists gave their interpretation of Mickey Mouse. I remember my school library having the book when I was a teenager. I photocopied the Rick Griffin picture of Mickey as Bob Dylan and hung it on my bedroom wall, but lost it over the years. I wish I had that picture now...

I got this piece here, the blog of Craig Yoe, the man responsible for The Art Of Mickey Mouse, along with many other projects like Clean Cartoonists, Dirty Drawings (with Carl Barks girlie art!) and Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Joe Schuster. Go check it out!

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