Sunday, November 1, 2009

A little something special

Here's some Don Rosa stuff from my collection.

I got this print last year at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Rosa had a whole bunch of comic book and superhero- themed prints for sale at the Gemstone booth, and this one was by far my favorite. Ordinarily I don't go for prints (a lot of the time you can get original sketches for just a little bit more), but this piece will look really nice hanging in my office/ comic reading room.

At this year's Baltimore Con, Boom! Studios sold this Convention-Exclusive variant from their new Uncle Scrooge series. Ten dollars is a little steep for a freakin comic book, but this is a really nice cover. Rosa had his own booth at the con, so I was able to get it signed as well.

Rosa was really cool both times I talked to him at conventions. Sometimes you love a creator's work to death and then you meet them and they seem like jerks (Not naming names*), but Don seems to be a decent guy. Hopefully Boom! keeps his stuff in print (in nice weighty hardcovers, hint hint) as well as putting out the new-to-us Italian stuff.


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