Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pthe Pman of Ptomorrow

This is what humans will look like in the year 2447.

How do I know that Bill Walsh is a genius? Eega Beeva, that's how. In 1947, Walsh and artist Floyd Gottfredson introduced the character Eega Beeva into the Mickey Mouse comic strip. Eega is a human being from 500 years in the future, although according to some comics he's from outer space. Eega has a future-dog named Pflip, is allergic to money, and adds a "P" to the beginning of almost every word. How could you not love this character? He's like The Great Gazoo, only completely insane.

As with other fan-favorite characters like Fethry Duck and Jerry Lewis, Eega Beeva is way more popular in Europe than he ever was here in the U.S. The character disappeared from the Mickey Mouse strip pretty soon after his introduction, but lived on in Italian comics by talents like Romano Scarpa. Eega is enjoying a comeback of late, starring in the Ultraheroes storyline currently running in Walt Disney's Comics from Boom! Studios.

Enjoy Eega's first appearance, The Man of Tomorrow, and the Walsh/ Gottfredson classics The Santa Claus Bandit, Pflip's Strange Power, and The Syndicate of Crime.

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