Saturday, January 23, 2010

Burn down Hot Topic

Remember back in the 90's, when it seemed like Disney had no idea what to do with The Nightmare Before Christmas? The only Nightmare tie-ins you could find were the soundtrack CD, a couple of books, and the Burger King watches. Rather than working against the property, though, the lack of merch was kind of cool; the lack of cheesy tie-ins made the movie felt more 'special' than all the other cartoon garbage out there. Nightmare was a movie for us, maaan!

Unfortunately, nothing gold can stay. The kids who were 6 or 7 in 1994 grew up and became teenagers... Broody, gothic, smeary eyeliner, emo teenagers with loads of disposable income. Just like that, the merchandising floodgates opened.

The following images are the result of a Google Image Search for "Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise."

Believe me, there's a ton of Nightmare s**t out there; this is just scratching the surface. I tried collecting Nightmare stuff for a while, but it's just. too. much.
Don't believe me? Try it yourself!

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