Thursday, June 24, 2010

Disney Weirdness Review: Darkwing Duck #1


I was a little too old to be a hardcore Darkwing Duck fan back when the show was new, but I enjoyed it whenever I caught an episode. This comic gets the tone of the cartoon just right, but with a slightly more "grownup" feel. When the story opens, Drake Mallard is working for a soulless megacorporation in a St. Canard that no longer has a need for superheroes (or supervillains). I am always a sucker for a "getting the band back together" story, and that's exactly what we've got here. Highlights of the issue include the daydream sequences, as Drake sits in his cubicle and fantasizes increasingly more outlandish superheroics, and Drake's interactions with his cubicle-mate, a former supervillain who used to tangle with Darkwing back in the day.

Generally speaking I like what Boom! has been doing with the Disney license. Wizards of Mickey, Ultraheroes, and Double Duck are all fine examples of quality kids' comics. As a thirty-something comic book fan I can appreciate the effort even as I recognize that the books aren't really geared towards readers like me. Darkwing Duck #1, on the other hand, is a truly All-Ages comic (like Boom's The Muppet Show, or the classic Barks Duck stories), a kid-friendly book that more mature (ha!) fans can appreciate on its own merits. Good stuff, well worth a look.

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