Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Mouse Walks Into A Bar...

Mickey Mouse on the set of Cheers.
Via Ken Levine.


  1. I have this on a VHS tape somewhere (but I don't have a working VCR). I loved this special, which also featured Roger Rabbit and cast members from Family Ties and L.A. Law. Plus Cheech Marin and Phylicia Rashad together in a musical number!

  2. I only vaguely remember this show. I remember a bunch of hoopla about the 60th anniversary, but I can't remember any specifics like the ones you describe. To the YouTube!

  3. I saw it and found it kinda corny and ridiculous with a large plot hole. A wizard (not Yensid) makes everyone forget what Mickey looks like even though the evidence was still right in front of their darn faces. There were alot of these goofy specials back then. Mike was in it, but this was before he went all Soloman (sic) on the whole company.

    I heard there was a better special/documentary that aired on the old Disney Channel. It was called "Mickey Goes to Moscow" and it was about an International Disney festival in honor of Mickey's 60th birthday. The late Roy E. Disney was a special guest for this event. This was where he saw the touching "Marathon" short made for the event. Unfortuantly, I can't find it on Youtube. I hope it someday gets posted, although it sounds sorta dry for this blog.