Thursday, July 8, 2010

Disney Princesses: How Do They Work?


  1. Man, I love The Little Mermaid and (especially) Beauty and the Beast so intensely that I have a kneejerk desire to argue with this, but alas, I cannot--this may be a tiny bit reductive, but it's basically dead-on.

    There HAS been some progress since then, though: Mulan (not actually a princess, but Disney markets her as one) basically spends the whole movie kicking ass with no romance until the very end, and there's no evidence that she compromises her ass-kicking-ness to get there. And in The Princess and the Frog, Tiana's goal is to become a small business owner, to which the prince is only incidental. He's the one who's forced to change, not her. You can no doubt find things to object to in these movies, but they certainly represent progress.

  2. I haven't seen Princess and the Frog yet, but I'd heard that it was a step in the right direction. I don't necessarily think that the Princess stories are harmful for girls, though, any more than superheroes or pirates or whatever are harmful to young boys.