Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best Souvenir Ever

As a kid, my favorite attraction at Disney-MGM was the Animation Studio. I would have stayed there all day, peering through the glass and gawking at the animators, if only my parents had let me. You could guess how disappointed I was when my wife and I went to Disney World in 05, only to discover that the animators were all gone, and the attraction had been changed to The Magic of Disney Animation.

Instead of watching artists hard at work creating the latest Disney masterpiece, now you get to watch a movie with the dragon from Mulan.

There was one cool thing about the attraction, though; the "Animation Academy" section, where a Disney artist teaches you how to draw a character. When we went, the character was Minnie. Here's my attempt:

It's unfinished, obviously, because you only get like ten minutes with the guy. It was fun, though, and for a minute it brought me back to my childhood dream of being a Real Disney Animator. So yeah, The Magic of Disney Animation. Not as great as I remembered, but I got to draw a Minnie.