Friday, February 11, 2011

Dell Tron 3030

I am floored by the number of Disney comics Dell put out in the 1950s and 60s under the "Dell Four Color" title. I'm not just talking about the familiar stuff like Uncle $crooge, and Mickey Mouse, here; I'm talking Nikki Wild Dog of the North and Beaver Valley.  Check out what you get when you search Cover Browser for "Dell Disney":

(I'm not sure if these last two are actually part of the Four Color series, but you get the idea)

And this isn't even scratching the surface!   A guy could collect Dell Disney comics for his entire life and still not come close to a complete set.

In today's world where the top-selling comic of 2009 moves 193,000 units, it's astonishing to think that the Dell titles sold in the millions, with Four Color coming out multiple times a week!  Funny books are a funny business.


  1. There would be a topic for a new blog--just Disney comics. I'm sure someone is already on it somewhere.

  2. Yeah there's a bunch of them out there-

  3. Last two are paperback books, not comics at all.

  4. Ah, that makes sense. I was wondering why they were more expensive than the other titles.