Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dip Stick

Think Howard The Duck was Marvel's first bootleg Donald? Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Dippy Duck!

Dippy Duck was written by none other than Stan The Man Lee, and drawn by Joe Maneely.

I'm pretty sure Dippy Duck has some form of brain damage.

Dippy Duck is notable for being the final comic to feature the Atlas globe logo. It's a fun little bit of Marvel history.

He's also kind of a jerk.

If you really want to read more, the comic is available out there on the Interwebs.

Aside from the fact that he wears a bow tie and no pants, he's not all that similar to Donald.  Dippy wouldn't last two minutes on the mean streets of Duckburg.

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  1. Mr. John Severin told me that he drew this book when he was working staff at Atlas/Marvel. I found the book in a stack at his house and asked him why it was included in his comics. There was only one of these. Kevin Robinette (ProfessorComic)