Saturday, May 14, 2011

There's no such thing as a free comic book.

Free Comic Book Day was a week ago, and I'm still working my way through my haul.  If you're a fan of the Disney properties, this was the best FCBD ever.  There were tons of great non-Disney books as well.  Here are some of the highlights:

The Dark Crystal/ Mouse Guard flip book (Archaia).  This was the most heavy metal offering at this year's FCBD.  This shit will melt your face off.  I can't believe it took the Henson people 20+ years to do a spin-off of this movie, but the upcoming graphic novel looks terrific.  The other comic, Mouse Guard, is right up most Disney fans' alley.  Well worth a look.

Darkwing Duck/ Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers flip book (Kaboom).   I've gone on record that the opening arc of Darkwing Duck was one of the best things Boom Kids has ever done, and here's an easy way to jump on board.  I was glad to see Chip N' Dale on the other side, since I didn't want to drop $2.99 on a show I didn't like the first time around.

Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson (Fantagraphics).  1930's Floyd Gottfredson strips, David Gerstein forward, Floyd Norman afterword, free.  What else do you need to know?  I haven't read this one yet, because I already know it's the best of the bunch and I'm saving it for last.

John Stanley's Summer Fun (Drawn and Quarterly).  A nice sampler of classics by comics' funniest writer, John Stanley.  This book features stips and puzzles starring Nancy and Sluggo, Judy Jr, Choo-Choo Charlie, and best of all Tubby. If you're unfamiliar with Stanley's work, check out the amazing blog Stanley Stories and you'll be hooked.

There were a lot of other great books this year, like the always-enjoyable Bongo Comics Free-For-All, The Tick, 2000 AD, and some jerk called Spider-Man.  If you missed out last week, make nice with your local comic shop clerk and he may be able to hook you up with some leftovers.   Free Comic Book Day, you can't beat it.

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