Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Corporate Synergy

Hey, did you guys know that in addition to being a blatant knock-off of Fables, ABC's Once Upon a Time is totally based on the Disney versions of fairy tale characters? It's true! Check out Jiminy Cricket:

In the pilot episode one of the dwarves was even named Doc!  So if you were as put off by the first episode as I was, just tell yourself you're watching a really long episode of House of Mouse and it'll be OK.  


  1. I have not seen the episode yet....without spoiling, what was off putting?

  2. Basically that it wasn't Fables. I'm not even a huge fan of the comic, but I felt like everything this show tried to do Fables did first and better. Also, I had a problem with the idea that Gipetto and Prince Charming and Rapunzel were all hanging out together in the Fairy Tale past, rather than living out their individual stories and finally coming together in the modern world. Really the problem wasn't with the show but with me as a viewer, I guess.

  3. Dang...I absolutely LOVE Fables....

  4. My main beef is with the acting on this show. Not the best.

    I also noticed some Disney similarities. This one may just be a coincidence, but the costume and introduction of the evil queen was a lot like the queen from "Enchanted."