Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Burn Baby Burn

The best damn Disney comics blog period, Duck Comics Revue, recently took a deep dive into the very strange Mickey's Inferno by Guido Martina and Angelo Bioletti, exploring its history as a very early Italian Disney comic and examining its relation to the source material by Dante Alighieri.  But is it weird?

It's pretty f**kin weird.

My library's copy has its own "Abandon Hope" message to the reader:

"Adult Collection" is right.  Look at these friggin harpies.

Nightmare Fuel

Thrill as beloved children's character Goofy gets cooked alive!

Tastes like chicken

Is it safe?

Oh hey, it's Mickey's pal Eega Beeva in the section where they torture the fortune tellers and diviners. Bet ya didn't see that one pcoming!

Watch as Old Dogface Man gets comically disemboweled!

This comic is GREAT.  I have the Papercutz promo minicomic that they gave away at Halloween; these pictures are from the full Papercutz edition.  Duck Comics Revue looks at the abbreviated version that ran in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #666 (seriously!).  Any and all versions of this story are well worth tracking down, especially if you like seeing beloved Disney characters in bizarre and violent scenarios, and come on, who doesn't.

Hell, boy.

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