Saturday, August 17, 2019

When I first started this blog wayyyy back in 2009, my main goal was to learn more about Disney comics, particularly the stuff I didn't get to see as a kid.

One of the most fascinating areas of study was the ill-fated Disney Comics line.  In the early days of Disney Weirdness I would have killed for an in-depth examination like this one from Dan Cunningham.  It's a long post-mortem on what went wrong and what could have been, with additional context about the comics market of the early 90's boom and bust.  Highest possible recommendation, go read it!

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  1. I noticed that another comic company at the time, Harvey Comics, had similar problems although their main problems were getting one too many outside licenses, usually printing reruns instead of new material, and numerous "#1" issues. Putting themselves in the stock market was also an ill-fated move. At least Disney had back-up plans after their in-house comic house shut down. Harvey just gave up comics pretty much completely.