Tuesday, February 23, 2010

F**k you, Penguin.

In the spirit of the excellent blog Armagideon Time and its recurring feature Nobody's Favorites, I'd like to shine a spotlight on one of the lesser-known, lesser-loved Disney Characters:

You may ask yourself, "who?" Good question. As near as I can tell, this poor man's Mr. Freeze (or poor man's Penguin, I guess) only appeared in three comics, Mickey Mouse Adventures #11, #12 and #14.

Pengy, as I call him, was a major player in the Mystery Weaponeer Saga, teaming with Pete and a mystery supervillain* to try and take down Mouseton. This multi-part story was written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by the great Mike Royer (old favorite Stephen DeStephano drew P.P.'s first appearance in MMA #11).

Pengy's gimmick is that he likes things cold, but he shivers all the time, even though he's a penguin and presumably used to cold weather.

He collects all things beautiful. And yet he's into Minnie Mouse for some reason.
Prince Penguin came to Mouseton, where culture is appreciated. Mouseton! What's the matter, the Cleveland Library lend out its book?**

Yeah, good luck with that, buddy. If the greatest supervillain of all time The Goddamn Phantom Blot couldn't exterminate the Mouse, then you and your wispy moustache and your medals and your walruses and your rugged good looks don't have a chance in hell.

In conclusion, Prince Penguin sucks.

*Emil Eagle, natch

** Bazinga!


  1. Another incredible character from the man who gave us Jericho and Danny Chase!

    Thanks for the praise and link!

  2. Ha ha, yeah. Wolfman's one of my favorite writers, but he came up with some stinkers. They can't all be Blade, I guess.

    Thanks for stopping by, Andrew!

  3. What about Ms. Vixen? That's another lost (in more ways in one) character.
    A one-dimentional foxy thief (both in term and spiecies) that worked with Pete. For some reason, she was only in one part of a muti-part story and was never heard of again.

  4. Never heard of this Ms. Vixen before, but she sounds like a real Mort. I'm going to have to investigate...

  5. The story took place in France and was one of those stories from that era that had one of the Goofy look-alikes that might or might not be related to him. That idea might work in the goof's solo cartoon but not too well in the comics with Mickey.

    I take Arizona Goof, Goofy's actual cousin who mainly appears in oversea comics, to those guys anyday.