Monday, August 30, 2021

Rorschach Test


Like all Real Americans, I have been working on a collection of Phantom Blot appearances over the years.   I have three different versions of the story that started it all, "Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot":

Floyd Gottfredson's newspaper serial famously had the violence dialed down for its comic book reprints, with several of the Blot's famous death traps redrawn by (ugh) Paul Murry.  Above is an example of a cool, violent death trap as it appeared in newspapers in 1939.

Here is the same sequence toned down and made lame for the Mickey Mouse Club comic.

And here is the newer, stupider death trap recolored by Sue Klinger and Kat Blaine.

Real fans prefer the ghastly pale death mask visage of comic book Mickey to the Crayola flesh tones of the Disney Comics reprint.

I know the Blot is the most overexposed villain since The Joker and has only appeared in like three and a half good comics but he's *my* supervillain, ya know?  You can keep your Doctor Dooms and Blofelds, I'm Team Blot all the way.

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