Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Surreal Life


Two of my teenage obsessions were the Disney cartoons of the 1930s and the surrealist artwork of Salvador Dali.  Naturally, adult me got a kick out of the story "Persistance of Mickey" that ran in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #734.

The premise is, what if Walt Disney and Salvador Dali had actually made progress collaborating on the animated short Destino

And then what if, during the creative process, Mickey and the Gang got sucked into some of Dali's most famous paintings??

A whole lotta surrealist shenanigans, that's what!

This story is also notable for the return of long-bill Donald; I've been saying all along that the Paul Rudish Mickey Mouse Shorts ought to go with the vintage look.

Anyway it's a fun story from Roberto Gagnor and Giorgio Cavazzano, with a translation from Gagnor and the great Joe Torcivia.

It's been reprinted in trade paperback and hardcover from IDW, my local library has both (jealous?).  

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